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By Laws




Article I:          Name and Definitions


A. The name of this document shall be the By-Laws of the Parent-Teacher League.

B. The name of this organization shall be:  Parent-Teacher League of Immanuel Lutheran School.

C. PTL:  Parent-Teacher League of Immanuel Lutheran School.

D. Church:  The building which houses Immanuel Lutheran Church located at 47120 Romeo Plank, Macomb, Michigan 48044.

E. School:  The building which houses, educates and extends activities to students and is known as Immanuel Lutheran School, located at 47120 Romeo Plank, Macomb, Michigan 48044.

F. Parent:  Parent or legal guardian of a student attending Immanuel Lutheran School

G. Student:  A child enrolled at Immanuel Lutheran School for the purpose of education that attends:   Pre-School – 8th Grade

H. Teacher:  An adult who is in charge of a curriculum for Pre-School – 8th Grade.  Does not hold voting powers for PTL.

I. Staff:  Paid employee of Immanuel Lutheran Church and School.

J. PTL Officer:  President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer who holds that title.

K. Executive Board:  PTL Officers, Teacher Representative (2), Principal, Board of Education Representative.

L. PTL Member:  Parent who attends PTL Meetings.

M. Church Member:  Any confirmed member of Lutheran Church/Missouri Synod that is also a confirmed member of Immanuel Lutheran Church

N. Volunteer:  Parent, guardian, relative, friend of a student or church member giving willfully of their time without compensation.

O. Teacher Representative:  A teacher for Immanuel Lutheran School asked to attend PTL meetings to further encourage and bridge communications between parents and teachers.  Holds no voting powers for PTL.

P. Principal:  Current person within the school acting under this title.

Q. Board of Education:  Set grouping of Church Members elected by the Church to serve and make business policy for the school on how it is operated and functioning.

R. Board of Education Representative:  Elected official to the school’s Board of Education who attends regular PTL meetings.  Has no voting rights for PTL.

S. Committees: Groups of members of the PTL who assist PTL and the school in completing various tasks through the school year. (Current listing attached as Exhibit A.)

T. Quorum:  A majority of eligible voters in attendance for a meeting.  More than 50% would suffice a majority.

U. Open Officer Position:  An Officer position which has no nominations received at the time of election.

V. Executive Board Quorum:  Majority of members of the Executive Board in attendance for a meeting.  More than 50% would suffice a majority.

W. Committee Chairperson:  Person in charge of and willing to organize committee for the PTL and school.

X. Committee Member/Members:  Person/Persons volunteering to assist Committee Chair for the completion of a certain task for the PTL or school.

Y. School Year:  The months of August through June with varying start and finish times.

Z. Fiscal School Year:  July 1 through June 30 is stated as the fiscal school year used for bookkeeping purposes.

AA. Eligible PTL Voting Member:  Parent who has been in attendance for two or more PTL meetings during a single school year.  However if only one meeting has been held for that school year, the secretary will refer to the attendance record for the previous school year to determine eligibility.

BB. Open General Vote:  Will be held for general business matters.  All in attendance have authority to vote with the exception of Teachers, Teacher representatives, Board of Education representative and the Principal.

CC. Closed Ballot Vote:  Must be an Eligible PTL Voting Member to take part in this vote.  Secretary will have ballot available for the vote and results will be revealed at the close of the meeting.

DD. PTL Funds:  Income from fundraising or school fees PTL receives and is held in a bank account under the PTL name. 

EE. PTL Financial Request Form:  Form approved by PTL that serves as a formal request from church, school and committees that allows PTL to review and vote upon the financial request detailed within the form.  Forms are obtained and returned through the school office. (Attached as Exhibit B)

FF. PTL Check/Reimbursement Request Form:  Form approved by PTL that serves as a formal request from an individual or group which allows the Treasurer and Principal to properly reimburse an individual or group.  For further information refer to Article XIII, Section A under Disbursements. (Attached as Exhibit C)

GG. PTL Deposit Notice:  Form approved by PTL which is completed by the Treasurer, Principal or any member who is in need of depositing funds to the PTL bank account.  For further information refer to Article XIII, Section B under Cash Handling and Deposits.  (Attached as Exhibit D)

HH. General Business Matter:  All general matters discussed in PTL including the approving of PTL funds which are $250.00 or lower.

II. Substantial Business Matter:  All matters not covered under the general business matters guideline, up to and including PTL Fund disbursements over $250.00 and the election of officers.  If an item/items comes up during the PTL meeting which does not fall between general business matters and substantial business matters, the officer presiding over the meeting has the discretion to differentiate between the two. 

JJ. Executive Board Financial Approval:  Any amount of PTL funds which exceeds $15,000.00 requires an additional approval of the Executive Board in order for a Motion to be made.

KK. Weekly Newsletter:  Weekly document published by the school to educate and inform parents and students about upcoming and current events taking place in the church and school.

LL. Tithe:  to give a tenth in support of the church.  For further information, please refer to Article XIII, Section C under Cash Handling and Deposits.


Article II: Purpose


A. To be of service to the church and school and to offer help and assistance to our school’s students, parents, teachers and staff.

B. To create a bridging of the home and school for the parent/parents to help guide the educational experiences of the students of the school.

C. Assist the school in creating the best possible environment for the students to grow and learn through the offering of a competitive and well balanced curriculum.

D. Complete and follow through with fund raising to ensure that the above referenced purposes have the ability to endure.


Article III: Scope


In keeping with its purpose, the PTL shall concern itself primarily with church, school and extracurricular activities which directly effect this environment and the students that are involved in it.


Article IV: Membership


A. Parents

B. Teacher

C. Teacher Representatives (2)

D. Officers

E. Principal

F. Board of Education Representative

G. Committee Chairs

H. Committee Members

I. Volunteers


Article V: Officers and Committees


A. Officers consist of:

a. President

b. Vice President

c. Secretary

d. Treasurer

B. The Executive Board shall consist of:

e. Officers

f. Teacher Representatives (2)

g. Principal

h. Board of Education Representative (1)


Term of Officers:

Officer positions will remain effective for a two year term of office.  All positions may be occupied by the same people consecutively, as long as the Officer being elected agrees to submit to an additional two year service date.  Only two officer positions shall be up for election at one time.  The scheduled is listed below:


1. Even Years

a. President

b. Treasurer

2. Odd Years

a. Vice President

b. Secretary


Teacher Representatives:  Teacher representatives serving on the Executive Board shall be selected at the discretion of the school Principal.  The teacher representatives shall serve a two year term.  A teacher representative is able to serve consecutive terms as long as the individual is able and willing to do so.


Board of Education Representative:  A Board of Education member serving as the representative to the Executive Board for PTL shall serve as his/her term dictates for the Board of Education.


C. Committees shall consist of the following:

Committees are set by the Executive Board of PTL and can vary slightly throughout the school year.  The Committee List will be attached as Exhibit A and will be affixed to the minutes of the first monthly PTL meeting of the school year.  Exhibit A can be modified at any meeting of the PTL under the heading of General Business Matters.


Article VI: Elections


Beginning with the regularly scheduled April PTL meeting, the PTL officers shall take nominations for officer positions for PTL.  Nominations should be submitted two weeks prior to a PTL meeting.  Each nomination shall need a second to confirm that the nomination is valid.  A nomination can only be seconded by an Eligible PTL Voting Member in attendance at the PTL meeting.  If there is an officer position which has no nominations, an open call will be asked for, to inquire any interest in the open position.  Only PTL Members in attendance shall be determined as a valid nomination for an officer position which has no current nominations.  Once determined that all nominations are valid, the Secretary will prepare a ballot for the final meeting of the school year.  During the final meeting, ballots will be cast in secrecy and counted during the meeting to ensure accuracy.  The results of the election will be announced at the close of business for the meeting and the final act of the remaining secretary, should the secretary’s term have ended, will be to ensure that the results are printed in the weekly newsletter.  All duties for officers will conclude on June 30th – the end of the fiscal school year.  Existing officers and newly elected officers should exchange information and valid documentation on or before June 30th to ensure that the newly elected officers carry on with the purpose of PTL.  If an officer position is left vacant at any time during the school year, the Secretary shall publish the vacancy as soon as possible in the weekly newsletter for the school.  The election for that vacancy takes place at the following PTL meeting after notice is given.  The election is held in the same manner as a regularly scheduled election would be held.  Note that an officer position that has been left vacant and where a re-election has taken place is subject to the same term of a normally held election.  The officer position will be up for re-election on the year detailed under Article V.


Article VII: Meetings


The Executive Board shall set the meetings at the final meeting of the previous school year.    The Executive Board shall use their discretion in determining conflict and various issues which could arise and would eliminate or negate the need for a PTL meeting.  Meetings will be held on the fourth Monday of each Month that the school is in session, unless otherwise specified.  The meetings are held at 7:00 p.m., unless otherwise specified and the meeting location will be published in the school’s weekly newsletter. However, the Executive Board, with their discretionary powers can deem a meeting void and forward all business to the next monthly scheduled meeting.  The Executive Board may also deem it necessary to call an additional Closed PTL meeting, which is detailed under Article XI.


Article VIII: Dues


Dues shall be ten ($10.00) dollars per student payable through the students’ yearly registration fees.  Upon receipt of the registration fees, the Treasurer shall obtain the monies from the church and deposit such in the PTL bank account.


Article IX: Amendments and Dissolutions

These By-Laws may be amended at any regular meeting by a quorum vote.  Notice of the proposed amendment/amendments must be published in the weekly newsletter at least two weeks prior to a regular meeting.


The Articles in these By-Laws may herewith at any time be dissolved for any reason at any PTL meeting by a 2/3 vote.  Notice of the proposed dissolution must be published in the weekly newsletter at least two weeks prior to a meeting.


Article X: Duties of Officers and Committees


A. President:  Shall preside at all meetings of the PTL and of the Executive Board, and shall perform all other duties usually pertaining to this officer.

B. Vice President:  Shall act as an aid to the President, and in his/her absence, the Vice President shall perform the duties of the President.

C. Secretary:  Shall keep an accurate record of all meetings.  The Secretary is also charged with reporting the progress of the PTL meetings through the weekly newsletter for the school and other various administrative functions.  The Secretary is also charged with keeping accurate attendance for PTL meetings and with validating an eligible PTL voting member.  Additional responsibilities include preparing ballots necessary for the upcoming PTL meetings.  The Secretary will treat all secretarial materials and notes as property of school and should hand all material into the principal at the end of each fiscal school year.   In the event of the President and Vice President’s absence, the Secretary shall preside over the PTL meeting.

D. Treasurer:  Shall receive and have charge of all funds payable to the PTL and deposit them to the credit of the PTL in the bank as may be designated.  Such funds shall be disbursed by the Treasurer only when authorized by the PTL, and directed by the Executive Board.  However, the Treasurer, through the authority of the school’s Principal may disburse and deposit funds for PTL in accordance with general business matters.  The Treasurer and Principal should also organize business meetings to ensure the fluidity of the money matters of PTL.  The timing and duration of these business meetings are set as need arise.  The meetings are left to the discretion of the Principal/Treasurer.  The Treasurer is also to prepare a budget as described in the Specific Financial Guidelines (see Article XIII) for approval at the first PTL meeting of the school year.  The Treasurer is to keep accurate records of disbursements and deposits and present financial statements at each PTL meeting.  The Treasurer is to reconcile the bank account monthly and sign checks with the School Principal as mandated in the Specific Financial Guidelines Section.    In the event of the President, Vice President and Secretary’s absence, the Treasurer shall preside over the PTL meeting.

E. Principal:  Shall prepare the monthly agenda for the PTL meeting.  The Principal also is the deciding vote if a tie occurs either for a general business matter or substantial business matter.



A. Monthly Reports to PTL:

Committee Chairperson or Co-Chairperson shall provide a regular status report to the PTL through the regularly scheduled monthly meetings.  The report may be submitted to a person residing on the Executive Board or a Committee Chairperson or Co-Chairperson may appoint someone to make the report to PTL in their place.

B. General Accounting of event and submission to PTL:

Detailed accounting of all expenditures for the event submitted to the PTL Treasurer. 

C. Budget Report:

Chairperson or Co-Chairperson should submit a budget to the PTL regarding the event he/she is in charge of.  The budget should list anticipated expenditures and possible income derived from the event planned.  This report will be kept by the Treasurer in order to track the event properly.

D. Request of Funds:

If the need arises which the committee is in need of PTL Funds, the Chairperson or Co-Chairperson of that committee shall submit to the Principal, a PTL Financial Request Form two weeks prior to a PTL meeting.

E. Listing of all committee members and volunteers

Attached as Exhibit A.


Article XI: Executive Board


A. The Executive Board shall deliberate upon all matters pertaining to the welfare of PTL and make recommendations that tend to improve the work of PTL or add to it.

B. Upon deliberation of PTL matters, the Executive Board reserves the right to call a special meeting of the Executive Board not to be held during the hours or days of the regularly scheduled general meeting for the PTL.

C. Executive Board Financial Approval:  Please see definitions under Article I for definitions of General Business Matters and Substantial Business Matters.


Article XII: Voting


A. General Business Matters

Motion must be made and seconded.  Once Motion is on the floor and being discussed, no other motions are allowed during that time. Vote will be taken by an open general vote.  If necessary, a hand count vote will be

taken.  The presiding officer has discretion over this matter.




B. Substantial Business Matter

Motion must be made and seconded.  Once Motion is on the Floor and being discussed, no other motions are allowed during that time.  Vote will be taken by a closed ballot vote.

C. Election of Officers

Please refer to Article VI of these By-Laws for rules.

D. PTL Fund Disbursements

(Please refer to the Definitions of a General Business Matter and a Substantial Business Matter to dictate how the voting will take place.)

Please refer to Article XII, Section A. for PTL Fund disbursement.  Funds disbursed over a set dollar amount may require an additional Executive Board financial approval (see Article I: Definitions sections for the amount clarification).  

E. Tie Vote

If vote falling under general business matters or substantial business matters is determined to be a tie, the school’s principal shall break the tie.  Note that the principal does not normally hold voting powers except in this instance.


Article XIII: Specific Financial Guidelines


A. Disbursements:  Checks shall be written in sequential order. Blank checks shall never be signed and the "Payable to" section must always be completed.  Checks shall never be written payable to "Cash".  Two signatures shall be required on all checks - the PTL Treasurer and the School Principal.  A PTL Check/Reimbursement Request Form must be submitted to and approved by the Principal, along with all proper documentation to substantiate the amount requested, in order for funds to be paid or reimbursed from the PTL account.


B. Cash Handling and Deposits:  All cash at any PTL function shall be counted with at least two members present.  A PTL Deposit Notice shall be completed and submitted with the cash/checks to be deposited to the School Principal, immediately following the PTL function.  Under no circumstances should cash be brought to a PTL member's home to be counted.


C. Budget:  The budget, as prepared by the PTL Treasurer, shall include anticipated revenues and expenses for the year on a line item basis.  Any substantial deviation (over $250) from the budget is considered a substantial business matter and should be voted on in accordance with Article XII.  The PTL budget shall reflect a mandatory 10% tithe to the Church and 10% savings of total profit from the yearly PTL Auction.  The budget shall also reflect an uncommitted minimum cash balance of the 10% savings of total profit from the PTL Auction or $5,000, whichever is greater, at the conclusion of each fiscal school year.  The purpose of this balance is to assure adequate funding for initial expenses usually incurred at the beginning of the following school year.


D. Financial Reports:  PTL Treasurer shall issue and make available a balance sheet and income statement for each month of the school's fiscal year.  PTL Treasurer and his/her successor shall maintain copies of all financial statements and financial records for a minimum of four years in order to comply with IRS audit requirements.


Article XIV: Order of Business


A. Opening Prayer

B. Approval of Minutes

C. Treasurer’s Report

D. Old Business

E. Committee Reports

F. New Business

a. Only items that will be discussed are items which have been previously submitted to the school office two weeks prior to regularly scheduled PTL meetings.

G. Other Business

b. Additional items may be brought at this time – time permitting – if there is an urgent or necessary need.  Item timeliness is at the discretion of the President or officer conducting the meeting.

H. Closed Ballot Results

I. Closing Prayer

J. Reminder of Upcoming Meetings.



Auction Chairperson, Co-Chairperson and Committees

School Party Chairperson and Committee

Room Parent Chairperson and Committee

Health Team Chairperson and Committee

Book Fair Chairperson and Committee

Market Day Chairperson and Committee

Spanish Club Chairperson and Committee

Chess Club Chairperson and Committee

Drama Club Chairperson and Committee

Daddy Daughter Dance Chairperson and Committee

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Chairperson and Committee

Mother/Son Event Chairperson and Committee

GM Label Chairperson and Committee



Financial Request Form

Exhibit C


PTL Check/Reimbursement Request Form

Exhibit D


PTL Deposit Notice